There are many reasons why Melbourne has won the coveted title of Most Liveable City in the World for the past 3 years. But here are my top reasons why I love Melbourne and why she totally deserves the title.

We have achieved … BALANCE … oooommmmmmm …

Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens

Whenever I get asked why I love living in Melbourne, the first answer I would give is .. BALANCE. Everything about Melbourne feels “just right”.

  • There is a strong economy (second only to Sydney) but also with a great emphasis on family life
  • There is good healthcare & education couple with a relatively low crime rate
  • There is an energy and passion about Melbournians and yet they are extremely warm and friendly. This is something you will very much appreciate when you visit other cities in Australia! Probably with the exception of Hobart but Tasmania is kind of like a big district of Victoria. I can see the hate mail coming already. 😉
  • There are modern developments all around town but historical architecture is embraced at the same time. The Melbourne Central Shot Tower is a fantastic example.
  • Urbanization continues unabated but yet there areas to relax large and small – like the fauna of Botanic & Fitzroy Gardens or the Docklands seascape
  • Melbourne has the most culturally diverse multi-cultural population in Australia. For example, it has the largest population of Greeks outside of Athens.
  • It is easy to get around by car and yet the public transport system works and there are bike paths everywhere


Undisputed Sporting Capital of Australia !

If there is one thing that defines Melbournians is that they are Sports-Mad ! They will turn up in their thousands to watch literally any sport.
It is not surprising that Melbourne holds the unofficial title of Sporting Capital of Australia.

  • Most of the Australia’s major sporting events – such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis, etc – are held in Melbourne.
  • The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the largest stadium in Australia
  • Melbourne Victory is the most well-supported football club in Australia by a country mile
  • We have a public holiday for a horse race ! – aka “The Race that stops the Nation” or the Melbourne Cup
Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup


A Bustling and Vibrant CBD

This has been the most remarkable change in recent times and has no doubt contributed greatly to Melbourne earning the title of Most Liveable City. There are just so many great initiatives that has been undertaken and it has totally transformed the city. A lot of credit has to go to the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and his council team.

  • The Melbourne CBD used to be a ghost-town after business hours as recent as a decade ago. But with continuous development of residential buildings, the Melbourne CBD is experiencing the fastest population growth in the whole of Melbourne.
  • The world-famous Melbourne Laneways are simply a joy to explore. From the street-art of Hosier Lane to the fine eateries on Degraves Street, you will find something interesting all over the city. And with constant evolution, I still stumble across a new cafe or shop
  • The buskers and street performers gives the CBD a delightful atmosphere. There is everything from singers, dancers, one-man bands, artists, etc to enjoy.
  • Great food and coffee is everywhere! The list of great places to eat is literally endless. I LOVE my food so if you need some tips on where to eat in the city, please drop me a message and I can give you my hot tips! 🙂
Melbourne Busker

Melbourne Busker









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