Being a city spanning a very large land area, Melbourne consists of many suburbs of differing traits and character. Comparing all the various areas can be mind-boggling for anyone, let alone an immigrant moving to Melbourne.

So how do you choose where to live in Melbourne ? Which suburb or area is suitable for you?

Here are 3 areas of considerations that I reckon will be help to narrow down your shortlist to just a few suburbs making your choice a whole lot easier!


A good starting strategy to deciding where to live in Melbourne would be to draw a 15 km (vary this based on your preference) radius around either the Melbourne CBD or your place of work, and see which suburbs fit into your budget.

Since you’re only just moving to Melbourne, I would recommend you start off renting first so as not to commit to a big mortgage on a house until you are more familiar with the lay of the land and eventually find the suburb of your dreams. 🙂


If you have children, a key driving factor for choosing where to live in Melbourne might be the location of a specific school.

Many public schools (especially the popular ones) are “zoned”. What this means is that you must live within the defined neighborhood boundary in order for your child to be eligible to study there.


If you like a specific lifestyle then that may influence your decision. For example,

  • If you like beaches, places like St Kilda and Altona might appeal to you
  • If you like rivers, you can’t go past the scenic locations around the Yarra or Maribyrnong rivers
  • If you enjoy shopping and a poshier lifestyle, South Yarra or Prahran might appeal to you
  • If you like the artsy and hippie crowd, then places like Fitzroy would be your pick
  • And many more!


Moving to Melbourne is a big change in anyone’s life and filled with many decisions to make. I hope this article about where to live in Melbourne will help to make things a bit easier.

Whichever suburb you have shortlisted, have a leisurely walk around the town centre, sit down for a coffee and soak up the area’s ambience. Also do drive around the neighbourhood, visit the schools, chat with the locals, pay a visit both day and night, etc .. then decide.

As usual, local knowledge helps a lot so feel free to post questions on specific suburbs here and I will do my best to answer them.


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