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Good Friday Appeal 2014

It’s the Good Friday / Easter long weekend again ! It is also time when Melbournians open their hearts (and wallets) and show the world what a beautiful caring society we have here in Melbourne. The Good Friday Appeal is a proud Melbourne tradition and is held every year to raise much needed funds for equipment, research and education to support the work of The Royal Children’s Hospital. The strength of the Good Friday Appeal lies with the thousands of people who volunteer their time, expertise and creativity to organise fundraising activities throughout the year. This includes many individuals, small business and large corporates all running their small activities in order to raise funds in the days leading up to the appeal. Together they have raised more than $258 million for the benefit of the hospital since the Good Friday Appeal began in 1931. Last year in 2013, the appeal managed to raise over $16m. The Good Friday Appeal comprises of many events such as: The main event which is the telethon which is broadcast live on TV from 9am till midnight. Throughout the day, Australia’s most popular celebrities, athletes, etc will make appearances and performances to raise money. Many of them will actually man the donation hotlines. So dial in and donate ! You never know who you might get on the other line. Kid’s Day Out – The Melbourne Exhibition Centre will be transformed into a wonderland for kids, with Australia’s biggest roller-skating rink, Laser Strike, the popular Teddy Bear Hospital, art and play zones, kids cooking classes, music and dancing and so much more. The Cadbury...

Top 5 Things To Do In Melbourne On A Rainy Day

With all the gloomy wet weather recently in Melbourne, I thought the perfect blog topic would be – Top 5 Things To Do In Melbourne On A Rainy Day !! The rain has been forecast to last a whole week and with the school holidays in full swing, the kids must be bored out of their mind too ! So here is a list of interesting things to do in Melbourne and hopefully stay dry in the process ! There’s a bit of something for everyone and not just the little ones. 😉 Without further ado and in no particular order … 1. Attend an exhibition or show event Melbourne is The Event Capital of Australia so there is ALWAYS something on throughout the whole year ! In fact, just this weekend alone there are the following awesome events to choose from: – Supanova The Sci-Fi and Pop culture event of the year featuring Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) among many others. A must attend event for all fans of sci-fi, anime, comics, etc. – Dreamworks Animation exhibition Produced directly by the people who brought you Shrek, Madagascar and the awesome Kung Fu Panda a world-first behind the scenes celebration of 20-years of DreamWorks Animation! It features over 400 items including rare and never-before-seen concept drawings, models and original artworks, interviews and interactive displays from DreamWorks much-loved and favourite animated classics. A bit more time to attend this one though as it will last until October. – Melbourne Home Show Building, renovating or making home improvements? Then visit Melbourne’s largest, most popular Home Show for all the latest products, services and innovations in...

H&M arrives in Melbourne

H&M arrives in Melbourne ! The global superstore opened to much fanfare yesterday and was greeted by thousands of Melbournians eager to check out this new shopping experience. A typical queue wait time – for most of the day – to get into the massive store was around 3 hours ! I do love shopping but personally, I think I shall wait for the buzz to settle down a bit and avoid the queues ! Located in the historic Melbourne GPO (General Post Office) building, this  iconic Swedish retailer is the latest in a growing list of new overseas stores to hit Aussie shores like Zara, Topshop, Muji and GAP just to name a few. I have been to H&M during overseas holidays and I reckon it is a nice addition to the department store landscape in Melbourne. It will be very interesting to see how the other big boys like Myer and David Jones react. Hopefully, it’ll just mean more BARGAINS for Melbourne shoppers !...

Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck comes to Melbourne !

In news just in this morning, British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has announced that he will be relocating the Fat Duck, his three-Michelin starred restaurant, to Melbourne for six months while the UK venue is undergoing renovations. One of the top chefs in the world, Heston Bluementhal made his name with his food creations popularly tagged as “molecular gastronomy”. He openly hates the term though and very much prefers to call it a less extravagant “modernist cuisine”. Voted Best restaurant in the world in 2005 and omnipresent among the top 10 list, the Fat Duck is a HUGE coup for the Melbourne dining scene and the big boost for Melbourne’s already glowing international reputation. Just another reason why Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city ! In a huge bonus, Heston has  announced that he would bring his entire British staff and even parts of the Fat Duck restaurant to Melbourne ! That’s right – same quality of food, same staff / service and even a similar environment ! The new restaurant will open in the Crown Casino entertainment complex with Crown chairman James Packer saying this move will be a fantastic win for the resort and the Victorian tourism industry. “To attract an internationally renowned chef and innovator of Heston’s calibre is a reflection on Melbourne’s culinary reputation,” Mr Packer said. “The relocation of the coveted restaurant will be a big boost for local tourism, attracting interstate and international guests to Melbourne so they can experience a once in a lifetime dining opportunity.” Melbourne triumphed for many reasons but not surprisingly with Heston a frequent visitor to Melbourne and...

What property you get for $1m in Melbourne CBD

Ever wondered what kind of property you can get in the Melbourne CBD for a cool $1 million ? Being a very built up area, houses are practically non-existent but there are many luxurious apartments to choose from. Here are some examples of million dollar apartments .. 1. This 3 bedroom property on St Kilda Road is listed at $995,000. 2. You can still get a three bedroom penthouse property with skyline views in Melbourne for just over a $1 million. 3. This inner city three bedroom Melbourne penthouse is on the market for $995,000 and is around the same size as what you can buy in Darwin. If you are living overseas or interstate and interested in buying or renting a particular property in Melbourne, Melbourne Ahoy can help ! We can conduct a property site visit and produce a detailed customised Property Profile report to set your mind at ease. To find out more, visit our services page...

Melbourne’s answer to the world famous Heart Attack Grill burger!

Are you feeling HUNGRY? Anyone with a HUGE appetite out there? Here’s a BIG challenge if you are up to it! I was walking around Melbourne CBD when I came across this interesting challenge from the good people at Panned Pizza. If you can chomp down this baby, you can eat for FREE! And you’ll even win a $20 voucher to boot! Aptly named the “What The Hell” burger, this is possibly Melbourne’s closest answer to the famous American Heart Attack Grill burger. The promotion starts in May so there’s ample time for you to “practice”. P.S. Melbourne Ahoy does not condone over-eating. Eat at your own Risk !...

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