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Melbourne Day 2014

Happy 179th birthday Melbourne ! Yes, it’s Melbourne Day again. First a little bit of history … Melbourne was founded on 30 August 1835 by settlers who sailed from Tasmania aboard the schooner Enterprize. They landed on the north bank of the Yarra River and established the first permanent settlement, close to where the Immigration Museum at the Old Customs House stands and the place today known as Enterprize Park. This year, there’s a full program of activities with the main feature – an all-ages free concert at Federation Square from noon including free birthday cake and candy floss to boot! There’s also .. a spectacular Docklands regatta where a flotilla of private and commercial vessels will fill Victoria Harbour an Urban Explorer tour around town a flag-raising ceremony at Enterprize Park by our Lord Mayor and other VIPs discounted entry for the Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne Star, etc special offers at a number of participating restaurants, pubs & cafes For details on this special day, visit the official Melbourne Day website. So, head down to Melbourne City tomorrow and enjoy the festivities !...

Best Comic Book Store in The World is in Melbourne!

I am very pleased to announce that Melbourne’s very own All Star Comics has been voted best Comic Book Store in the World! This is yet another accolade that shows what a great place Melbourne is and another reason why Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city. Beating nominees from around the world, the boys snared the prestigious Spirit of Comics Retailer Award at the 26th annual Eisner Awards in the US (as joint winners with Legend Comics & Coffee in Nebraska). As a long-time comics fan, I have known All Star Comics owners Mitch and Troy for many years as a customer all the way back to the days when they were clerks at Comics R Us. And I am delighted they have won this award as it couldn’t have gone to a nicer couple of guys. They are true comic fans first and foremost, extremely passionate about what they do and it shows! In my opinion what sets All Star Comics apart as a comic book store are: Excellent customer service – Whether its tracking down a much needed title or providing selection advice, Mitch and Troy (and their assistants too!) always serve customers with a smile and show a genuine keenness to help. I once ordered a print from them over the phone and when I told Mitch I worked on the other side of the city, he actually offered to have a walk to my building and deliver it personally! I was naturally blown away of course! (Just to finish off the story, I humbly turned him down and made the trip down to the...

FIFA World Cup in Australia

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 in full swing, this is a good time for a blog post about what the FIFA World Cup means to Australia and Melbourne. King for a Day (or a few weeks to be exact) With the indigenous Aussie Rules or AFL the dominant spectator sport in Melbourne, football (also called soccer locally) normally takes a back seat in terms of media coverage. Which is really odd as football is by far the sport with the highest participation numbers. Somehow, it doesn’t translate to spectators on ground. However, every four years when the FIFA World Cup swings around, football steps into the limelight and leads the sports news. Friendly office betting pools are run and sleep deprived bleary eyed workers are abound in the CBD. The World Game is the topic of the day at office kitchens and local pubs. This is especially so during the Australia games and when the national team – the Socceroos – perform well. And this was none more evident than during the 2010 World Cup when Australia got past the group stages and only lost to Italy – the eventual winners – by the most dubious of penalty decisions. The whole nation was behind the team with thousands out on a cold night watch the game from big screens erected around the country. Free TV coverage! Yes, you heard it – watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 is FREE in Australia! Because of the fantastic anti-siphoning laws that came into effect in 2006, Pay TV providers are not allowed to exclusive rights to a list of sporting events...

Best Melbourne Day Trips – Phillip Island

With the Queen’s birthday long weekend just around the corner, I reckon a perfect article for this week would be the kick off a new blog post series where I cover the best day trips out of Melbourne. I will be sharing my own personal favorite Melbourne day trips and may not necessarily conform to what the itenary recommended in popular Melbourne travel books. Many of these places could easily be extended to more relaxing weekend away. What better way to start of the series than to cover one of my top few favorite local holiday destinations – Phillip Island. There is so much things to see and do on this relatively small but beautiful island. A reasonable drive from Melbourne CBD of around 2 hours, it is also a very popular tourist destination. To make things really easy for you, here is my recommended day trip itinerary for Phillip Island. Pelicans at San Remo San Remo is actually a small village just before you hit the bridge that takes you over the water and onto Phillip Island itself. There is a flock of huge wild pelicans that like to hang around the wharf. It’s worth a quick stop for a photo opportunity. The best viewing by far is during the feeding time around noon when the pelicans congregate en-masse like clockwork awaiting their daily feed. But since this is a day trip we will skip that and move on to the island itself. If you are staying overnight in the area, you should definitely check this out. Phillip Island Chocolate Factory The kids will love this one! Not long after you...

Why Melbourne Is The Most Liveable City In The World

There are many reasons why Melbourne has won the coveted title of Most Liveable City in the World for the past 3 years. But here are my top reasons why I love Melbourne and why she totally deserves the title. We have achieved … BALANCE … oooommmmmmm … Whenever I get asked why I love living in Melbourne, the first answer I would give is .. BALANCE. Everything about Melbourne feels “just right”. There is a strong economy (second only to Sydney) but also with a great emphasis on family life There is good healthcare & education couple with a relatively low crime rate There is an energy and passion about Melbournians and yet they are extremely warm and friendly. This is something you will very much appreciate when you visit other cities in Australia! Probably with the exception of Hobart but Tasmania is kind of like a big district of Victoria. I can see the hate mail coming already. 😉 There are modern developments all around town but historical architecture is embraced at the same time. The Melbourne Central Shot Tower is a fantastic example. Urbanization continues unabated but yet there areas to relax large and small – like the fauna of Botanic & Fitzroy Gardens or the Docklands seascape Melbourne has the most culturally diverse multi-cultural population in Australia. For example, it has the largest population of Greeks outside of Athens. It is easy to get around by car and yet the public transport system works and there are bike paths everywhere   Undisputed Sporting Capital of Australia ! If there is one thing that defines Melbournians is...

Australian Visa Categories and the Federal Budget 2014

The Federal Over-Budget? The ramifications of the recently released Federal Budget has been widespread and there has been some impact on the Australian Visa categories as well. Despite the perceived harshness of the Budget savings measures and the majority of Australians expressing disapproval (and even downright anger!), PM Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey has remained steadfast in their support of the Budget. There hasn’t been much details released so far but from the information I have gathered, here is a summary of the 2 main points. No reduction in Australian visa numbers Firstly, the good news. The 2014‑15 Migration Programme is expected to retain the same allocated Australian visa number of 190,000 with the breakdown as follows: Skilled Stream – 128,550 Family Stream – 60,885 Special Eligibility Stream – 565 This means that the Skilled Stream (by far the most popular and covered in my recent blog post Moving to Melbourne – Australian Visa Categories) will continue to be the focus of the Migration Programme. Employer sponsored visas will be given a higher priority. Emphasis will be on Australia’s longer term skills needs and helping out with the significant skills shortages in regional Australia. So if you are willing to move to Australia and live / work in regional areas, your application might stand a better chance of being prioritized. Change in focus for the Family Stream visa The policy for the Family Stream will be adjusted to increase the number of Australian visa given to partners and child places – or “close family reunions” according to the Immigration department. The number of places in the contributory parent...

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