I am sure all of us would have seen the Ice Bucket Challenge videos that has totally gone viral. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a video on Facebook of someone pouring ice water over themselves!

I did a quick straw poll among my mates and while many know roughly what is ALS / MND, almost all still didn’t know much about the disease and how its impact in Australia. So I thought I would write this quick blog post to help communicate a few facts about ALS / MND in Australia and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS / MND was initiated by Pete Frates, a former Boston College captain who is living with motor neurone disease (MND) in the US. Since he posted his challenge online, the Ice Bucket Challenge quickly went viral and is now spreading across Australia’s MND, sporting and entertainment communities.

Facts about MND

  • MND is a progressive, terminal neurological disease
  • There is no known cure and no effective treatment for MND
  • Each day in Australia, two people die from MND
  • Each day in Australia, two people are diagnosed with MND
  • People with MND progressively lose the use of their limbs and ability to speak, swallow and breathe, whilst their mind and senses usually remain intact
  • Average life expectancy is 27 months
  • An estimated 1,900 people have MND in Australia
  • For every person diagnosed with MND, it is estimated that a further 14 members of their family and their friends will live with the effect of MND forever

For more information about MND or to make a personal donation, please visit MND Australia (http://www.mndaust.asn.au)


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