The below text is from my very 1st Melbourne Ahoy blog post way back in Sept 2011 – a small introduction about Moving to Melbourne Australia. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this new website by revisiting the post that started it all. It’s amazing that after all this time, the sentiments expressed in the post are still so very valid !

For newcomers to Melbourne Ahoy, I extend a very BIG welcome. And for my loyal followers, a BIG Thank You and hope you stick with me as I continue our little Melbourne adventure …


Welcome to the Melbourne Ahoy! blog– The ultimate newcomer’s guide to settling down in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

If you are going to migrate, planning, recently relocated or even just dreaming about moving to Melbourne, then it is an absolutely MUST to visit this Blog frequently!

What can you expect to find here? Lots of practical tips, real-life shared experiences, step-by-step walkthroughs, etc that will help make your life transition to this lovely city as smooth as possible. Basically, a ONE-STOP site for all things related to moving to Melbourne. A lot of the tips found here can also be applied to Australia in general.

Why am I creating this Blog? To HELP anyone moving to Melbourne have a stress and pain-free experience full of certainty and pleasant memories. When I was first planning to migrate to Melbourne, I trawled through the library, bookstore and of course the internet in search of a SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD guide for someone like me. Most of the material I found was very high level and abstract. Sure it helped to give me a general idea but none of them were really practical that I could apply immediately. And while there were various sources that I eventually got my information from (e.g. tax website), it was far from a straightforward process and involved hours upon hoursof research. And even then, the information was not very to consume. All these led to a lot of unwelcome uncertainty heaped upon the stress of moving to totally new environment. So hence this blog .. wished I had found a Blog like this when I was moving here all those years ago !! … 🙂

How do I make full use of this Blog? To take full advantage of this Blog, please free to comment, ask any questions or simply seek advice about each of my Blog posts. I will commit to monitoring the comments frequently and answering every question to the best of my ability. Also, any requests for a Blog post on a specific topic is very much welcome too!

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading the posts here and found that the information here has help to make your new life in Melbourne just a little bit better. 🙂



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