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The Melbourne Ahoy story and a little something about Us
Melbourne Ahoy Blogspot First Post

The Melbourne Ahoy story …

Melbourne Ahoy originally started out as a small little blog project back in August 2011. I meant it to be a platform to share my experiences and learnings as an immigrant to Melbourne Australia with newcomers to this beautiful city.

I went through the settling down process the hard way with no much help or guidance. I have experienced first hand a lot of the problems, lessons and emotions that comes with the adventure. It was essentially trial and error and I made many mistakes in the early days of life in Melbourne.

I have a strong personal belief that To Give Is To Live. I wanted to share my knowledge and help new immigrants to Melbourne in their BIG transition.

Hence Melbourne Ahoy was born !

In the beginning, I created it on Blogspot (where else!) but as the popularity of the site increased, it made me think about the next steps and how to grow the project to the next level.

The trigger finally came on 2013 Melbourne Cup day when I bought a horse race ticket and I publically promised – via the Melbourne Ahoy Facebook page – that if I won, I would use the winnings to set up a dedicated Melbourne Ahoy website. And guess what … I won !

So now we are here embarking on the next step of Melbourne Ahoy’s adventure. Please join us for the ride !!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

And a little something about Us

My wife and I moved to Melbourne in 1999 and as a young couple, we had planned for Melbourne to be the first stop in a decade long live & work adventure around the world. But my plans for global exploration very quickly came to an end when we both fell in love with this wonderful city and we decided to make Melbourne our home.

As a result, we went through the whole immigrant life journey in Melbourne. From searching for a rental unit, learning to drive, getting my first car, building our very own home, getting a mortgage, having kids, learning about education and childcare, etc.

We are now a happily married couple with two beautiful young children. I am eternally grateful that I made the decision to move to Melbourne all those years ago. We love Melbourne and I am sure you will too.

And our Melbourne adventure still continues …


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