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The First Melbourne Victory Home game

10 years ago in September 2005, the first Melbourne Victory home game in the A-League was played against Perth Glory with the final score being a 2-2 draw. On that historic day, Austrian import Richard Kitzbichler and current coach Kevin Muscat were the scorers. However, it is a much lesser known fact that Melbourne Victory’s FIRST EVER home game was also against Perth Glory! This historic game was played as part of the pre-season challenge cup on the 30th July 2005 at MV’s first home ground – Olympic Park. And I am very proud to say that I was one of the small crowd of 4,528 who attended the game! The starting eleven on that night was … 1 Michael Theoklitos 2 Kevin Muscat (captain) 4 Mark Byrnes 5 Geoffrey Claeys 6 Steve Pantelidis 7 Michael Ferrante 9 Daniel Allsopp 10 Archie Thompson 12 Carl Recchia 13 Kristian Sarkies 17 Richard Kitzbichler And the score was 1-0 to Melbourne Victory with Archie Thompson scoring the winning goal in the 60th minute ! It was a great night and I have been a loyal Melbourne Victory fan ever since. Here are some pictures I took on the night. Apologies in the advance for the very poor photos! Bear in mind this was in 2005 – consumer compact digital cameras at the time was pretty basic and terrible at night photos. Not to mention my photographic skills are pretty non-existent! Hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. I will gladly take the same 1-0 scoreline for tomorrow’s A League match between Melbourne Victory and Perth Glory at AAMI Park ! GO...

Cruise Holiday Tips For Your Christmas New Year Vacation

Cruise Ahoy ! With the Christmas and New Year festive period upon us, it also the time for many to take a break and have a well earned holiday.  And top amongst vacation plans for many is a cruise holiday! With the stressful and busy lives that many of us lead these days, it is not surprising that cruise holidays are the fastest growing section of the travel industry. After all, the ticket price is typically inclusive of ALMOST everything – notable exceptions include alcohol, spa treatments, professional photos, guided on-shore tours, etc. The First Time Cruiser Have you booked your first ever cruise holiday during the festive and new year holidays? Are you feeling just a tad uncertain about how to make sure that your cruise holiday is smooth sailing (pardon the pun!) ? If yes, then here are some quick tips to help you have an enjoyable and stress free cruise holiday. Getting ready for theme parties All cruise ships will have a few theme nights – e.g. Mexican, Caribbean, Bath Robe, Formal black tie, etc. – in the itinerary. These parties are always a blast when you are dressed appropriately as it helps to make you feel more involved. So do give the cruise line a call to find out what are the themes beforehand so you can prepare your costume. Theme nights are always great fun and even more so when you dress up in costume. You will be pleasantly amazed as to how much effort some seasoned cruisers go into their custom-made outfits! What to pack Here are some items you might want to bring...

How The Famous Melbourne Laneways Came About

Melbourne laneways are a world renown phenomenon for its exciting combination of cafes, dining, hipsters and hidden gems. But have you ever wondered how the Melbourne laneways came about ? The Melbourne laneways had existed since the creation of the Hoddle grid in the 1830s. But these were originally planned as service routes. So what caused them to change? I came across this wonderful interview with Craig Allchin from Six Degrees Architecture, the practice which opened one of Melbourne’s defining laneway bars – Meyers Place. Read all about the origin of our wonderful laneways in the interview published on Broadsheet Melbourne … “How Melbourne Found Its Laneways” Enjoy...

FREE Lonely Planet eBook for Melbourne wheelchair travellers

I was browsing around Amazon today and came across this FREE Lonely Planet ebook guide for Melbourne wheelchair bound visitors. Here’s the description from Amazon … Lonely Planet Accessible Melbourne is your free passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see, with tips and recommendations for travellers with special needs. Discover Melbourne’s best wheelchair-friendly restaurants and shops, get active with accessible sports, enjoy spectacular scenery, food and wine along the Great Ocean Road. No matter what your ability, get to the heart of Melbourne and begin your journey now Click on the link below to take you to the book’s page on Amazon … While this book is meant for disabled travellers, some of the information should also be useful for families with young children and large prams...

Melbourne Cup Carnival and “The Race that Stops the Nation”

With the week-long Melbourne Cup Carnival in full swing, horse racing fever is well and truly in Melbourne! An event rich in tradition and history spanning over 150 years, the Melbourne Cup carnival is a truly unique Melbourne experience not to be missed! For many, it is an excuse to dress up to the nines, go to races, have the once-in-a-year horse race bet and generally have a good time with friends. In fact, a great tradition is to go to the track car park and have a picnic (with lots of champagne of course!). Many don’t even watch a single race! The major race days during the Carnival week are: Victoria Derby (1st Sat) – The most exciting day for serious punters with the many top level races taking place. Melbourne Cup Parade (Mon) – Not a race day but an event not to be missed! Come and watch the jockeys and horses taking part in the Melbourne Cup parade down the streets of Melbourne CBD. The streets will be packed with tens of thousands of people so arrive early to get the best vantage points. P.S. Many people take the Monday off work, have an extended 4-day weekend and a short holiday break. So book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment if you are planning to visit the popular holiday spots during this time! Melbourne Cup (Tues) – The Race That Stops The Nation! The pinnacle of the carnival is undoubtedly the Melbourne Cup race day. It is held on the first Tuesday of every November at 3 pm and is also a public holiday! I’m not sure...

A few facts about the Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS/MND

I am sure all of us would have seen the Ice Bucket Challenge videos that has totally gone viral. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a video on Facebook of someone pouring ice water over themselves! I did a quick straw poll among my mates and while many know roughly what is ALS / MND, almost all still didn’t know much about the disease and how its impact in Australia. So I thought I would write this quick blog post to help communicate a few facts about ALS / MND in Australia and the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS / MND was initiated by Pete Frates, a former Boston College captain who is living with motor neurone disease (MND) in the US. Since he posted his challenge online, the Ice Bucket Challenge quickly went viral and is now spreading across Australia’s MND, sporting and entertainment communities. Facts about MND MND is a progressive, terminal neurological disease There is no known cure and no effective treatment for MND Each day in Australia, two people die from MND Each day in Australia, two people are diagnosed with MND People with MND progressively lose the use of their limbs and ability to speak, swallow and breathe, whilst their mind and senses usually remain intact Average life expectancy is 27 months An estimated 1,900 people have MND in Australia For every person diagnosed with MND, it is estimated that a further 14 members of their family and their friends will live with the effect of MND forever For more information about MND or to make a personal donation, please visit MND...

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Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)

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